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All Central Power Plant tours have been temporarily discontinued due to construction on the premises.

The University of Michigan
Utilities & Plant Engineering

Date Issued:
 March 31, 2011
Issued By: Plant Operations Associate Director for UPE
It is recognized that the Central Power Plant is of educational and general interest to the University and surrounding communities. It has been the practice of the University of Michigan Utilities Department to allow educational and professional courtesy tours of the facility. However, in an effort to tighten security in the power plant, the following new procedures must be followed before and during a tour of the plant:
  • The Central Power Plant Manager or the Plant Operations Associate Director for Utilities & Plant Engineering (UPE) must approve all educational tours. To obtain approval, submit a tour request form via the bottom of this page:
     – Reason for tour
     – Tour leader’s name, address, phone, and email address
     – Expected number in tour group, including number of children
     – Other pertinent qualifying information
    Upon approval, a UPE representative will contact the tour leader to arrange the tour.
  • In general, tours will be restricted to the main floor, control room and conference room. Unless, there are specific educational requests that require seeing other areas of the plant.
  • All tour requests must be submitted 30 days in advance.
  • All tours will be scheduled Monday - Friday from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
  • Tours will generally be limited to seven people, but special arrangements can be made for educational class tours.
  • Before the scheduled tour date, the tour leader shall provide a list of tour members to the UPE representative.
  • Every three children - between the ages of twelve and eighteen - must be accompanied by an adult. Children may not enter the tunnels or any constricted areas.
  • Tour members are not allowed to bring cameras or bags of any size. This includes briefcases, backpacks, book bags, etc. into the plant. The only exception will be the tour leader, and all items are subject to approval. The CPP Manager or Assistant Plant Managers must approve pictures needed for classroom instruction, separately.
  • All tour leaders and members must bring picture identification. Student ID or Driver License preferred.
  • During the tour, all participants must wear ID badges and display them per standard Plant Operations policy. Badges must be returned before leaving the plant.
  • The CPP Manager and Assistant Managers may approve small professional courtesy tours on short notice.

Central Power Plant Manager
Utilities & Plant Engineering

Plant Operations Assoc. Director
Utilities & Plant Engineering

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