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For Plant Operations Employees - compliance with SPG 601.33

The university recognizes that members of the university community can be productive and efficient when accessing or maintaining sensitive institutional data from their personally owned devices, such as a smart phone, tablet, or a laptop computer. To provide guidance for this use, there is a new U-M policy: Security of Personally Owned Devices That Access or Maintain Sensitive Institutional Data (SPG 601.33).

The policy grants departments the discretion to be more restrictive than the policy. However, Plant Operations will follow the policy "as is" with no additional restrictions.

You are permitted to use personally owned devices when working with sensitive university data as long as you properly secure and manage your devices. This minimizes the risk to university data as well as to your own personal information. Some examples of sensitive data used in Plant Operations would include blueprints, building plans, emergency plans, HR and financial data.

Keep in mind that for most of you who access your e-mail, calendar, and contacts on your personally owned device for routine work at the University not involving sensitive institutional data, the policy requirements do not need to be applied.

To learn more about the policy and about securing your personally owned device(s), see University Data and Personally Owned Devices

As always, you should only access or maintain sensitive institutional data when necessary for the performance of your university-related duties and activities. You are expected to take all required, reasonable, and prudent actions needed to ensure the security and retention of sensitive university data.

If you have questions about the use of sensitive university data in Plant Operations, please contact Ron Loveless, IT Manager for Plant Operations. For more general questions about appropriately securing your device and about sensitive university data, please contact the ITS Service Center or call 764-HELP.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Richard W. Robben PE, MBA, CEFP
Executive Director of Plant Operations

SPG 601.33

Ron Loveless' Slide Deck from Plant Operations June 2014 Management Forum