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Healthy Schools Campaign Highlights PBGS Program

The Healthy Schools Campaign recently interviewed John Lawter about the success Plant Building Services has had with the (OS1) program. Read more at

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PBGS Case Study

“The ISSA certification process was certainly an informative and positive experience,” said John Lawter, PBGS Associate Director. “It reinforced our beliefs in what we feel we are doing right, as well as identified areas for improvement. It was a nice opening act to our next round of strategic planning.”

Building Services provides cleaning services to University of Michigan administrative and academic buildings on campus and in the area. We service over 13 million square feet of floor space in over 250 buildings. Building Services employs over 400 people consisting of custodial, pest management, support, administrative and managerial staff.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain the facilities to provide a sanitary, safe and pleasant environment for the University of Michigan's students, faculty, staff and guests.

Vision Statement

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Take a moment to learn more about the role cleaning has in the University's mission and Building Services' commitment to healthy spaces.

Content modified: Aug 22, 2014