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Introduction to Facilities Management (IFM) Program

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Introduction to Facilities Management (IFM) Program equips facilities professionals with broad organizational knowledge.

The IFM certificate is required of Plant supervisors (completion of all courses in the series). Whereas for others, perhaps selecting a course or two is the right scale for their role and function.

IFM: An Overview
The facilities management professionals and their staffs have the decision-making responsibilities that cover a wide range of business, management, and technical areas. The facilities management field demands knowledge and skills in the areas of planning, finance, administration, project design and implementation, human resource development, and operations and maintenance. This course will provide you with an overview of facilities management at the University of Michigan.

The rest of this series is under construction.
Curriculum updates are underway, due to APPA revisions of their examinations.
Look for Winter 2016 course descriptions and registration to be announced this Fall.

Interested in taking a national APPA examination?
At Michigan, IFM program completion is a prerequisite of the exam.

Content modified: Jul 14, 2015